Bob Bunck (Amsterdam, 1950) works as a photographer since 1968, and is working as a full time professional artist since 1978 (paintings, objects, photographs, collages and spatial works). His work is admitted in various collections, such as: AMC and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Bob Bunck never restricted himself by working in just one technique or stick to one theme only, to be a successful artist. He honors his heroes Kafka and Vermeer by beautiful portraits and collages, combines painting with his love for photography, and projects his current thoughts on art and other important matters by embroidering it to antique goblin tapestry. He is an all-round artist. But above all Bob Bunck is a painter, a painter of African masks on old sail clothes (portable fresco’s), and a painter when he is ‘using’ old photography as a base for his pleasant (but sometimes also cruel) paintings (painted photographs). But he also approaches the surface of goblins and embroidery (Tapestry Thoughts) as a dedicated painter, showing his respect to the great masters of art history.

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Art = a way of life